Qoltec Charger 15W | 5V | 3A | 2.5*0.7 | 1.4m

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Shipping time: 24 Godziny
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EAN code: 5901878501697

Reliable power supply

Reliability is crucial for you? Choose a Qoltec charger that will allow you to charge your mobile devices safely. Ideally suited to the home or office, as the main or additional charger. It was made of the highest quality materials, and the technologies used in it will allow for low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Practic solutions

Qoltec charger was made of the highest quality materials witch allow you reliable power in every situation. Our charger is equipped with protections: - overvoltage protection – it’s protection against too low or too high input voltage, - overload protection – it’s protection against overload each power line, - short-circuit protection – it’s protection against short-circuit in the power supply circuit, - overheating protection – it’s protection against overload or bad air circulation.

Confidence confirmed by a warranty

If you value the quality of purchased equipment our projects and solutions are focused on meeting your expectations. Qoltec universal power adapter is covered by 24 months warranty.

Głębokość / Długość opakowania: 100 mm
Szerokość opakowania: 50 mm
Wysokość opakowania: 200 mm
Producer: Qoltec
Gross weight: 0,1640 kg
Warranty: 24 months
Usage: tablet
Net weight: 0,1200 kg
Colour: Czarny
Plug type: 2.5 * 0.7 * 10 mm
Usable power: 15 W
Output current: 5 V
Output voltage: 3 A
Input voltage: 220 - 240 V | 0.5 A
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Rodzaj: Sieciowa
Designed for brands: Ainol, Archos, Goclever, Lark, Manta, Modecom, Overmax, Prestigio, Shiru, Tracer
Safety: Przeciwprzepięciowe Przeciwprzeciążeniowe Przeciwzwarciowe Termiczne
Additional information: AC / DC power supply intended for telecommunications equipment and for automatic data processing equipment and devices for these machines.
Cable length: 1.4 m
Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 30 mm