Qoltec AGM battery | 12V | 72Ah | max. 1080A | 22.5kg

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Safe and maintenance-free


We design the batteries according to the latest AGM technology, which allows them to work longer, thanks to the slow-discharge process. Feel safe - their advantage is that they are airtight, resistant to high temperatures and also various types of shock. Equipment powered in this way will operate without failure for a long time. Our batteries do not require maintenance throughout their life, and they can work for up to 10 years.

Stable source of energy

agm Doing your daily activities, or being at work, you certainly use devices that, in order to function efficiently, need electricity. Some of them draw power from the grid, others need a battery to operate. These include, for example, electronic toys, quads, UPS or medical equipment. To provide them with a stable and safe source of electricity, we have prepared a wide selection of solutions. Check our offer of AGM batteries and choose the variant that best suits your needs.

Reliable from every perspective

modul When you buy our battery you get a full guarantee of reliability. It works no matter what position you mount it in. You want your equipment to work at full capacity without limits - now you can be sure that it will receive the necessary dose of energy for operation without compromise.

Take care of your battery

Keep in mind that proper use and proper care of the AGM battery is very important for its life. Frequent and deep discharge will certainly not positively affect its performance. To enjoy the long life of the battery try to :
- avoid deep discharge,
- take care of the correct way of charging - do not charge the battery with too high a current,
- avoid very low temperatures and prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Wysokość opakowania [mm]: 265
Wymiary (G/D x Sz x W): 167 x 260 x 210 mm
Rezystanacja wewnętrzna: 6m Ω
Zakres temperatur: Rozładowanie : - 15 ℃~50℃ Ładowanie : - 15 ℃~50℃ Przechowywanie : - 15 ℃~50℃
Maksymalny prąd ładowania: 21A
Maksymalny prąd rozładowania: 700A (5sec)
Temperatura robocza: 25 °C ± 3 °C
Pojemność przy danej temperaturze: 40℃ : 102% 25℃ : 100% 0℃ : 85% - 15℃ : 65 %
Pojemność przy temp. 25°C: 10HR (10.8V) : 70Ah 3 HR (10.8V) : 52.5 Ah 1 HR (10.5V) : 39 Ah
Samorozładowanie przy temp. 25°C: 3 miesiące : 91% 6 miesięcy : 82 % 12 miesięcy : 65 %
Głębokość / Długość opakowania [mm]: 180
Waga netto [kg]: 22.500
Szerokość opakowania [mm]: 275
Waga brutto [kg]: 23.500
Producer: Qoltec
Service life: 10 years (when working with an uninterruptible power supply UPS)
Cyclic loading: 14.5 V - 15.0 V
Loading the buffer: 13.5 V - 13.8 V
Usage: Alarm systems and monitoring UPS Electronic toys Motorcycles, quads, scooters, etc. Forklifts, golf carts, wheelchairs Solar battery systems Medical equipment Emergency lighting
Connector: T14 M6 x 16
Voltage: 12V
Warranty: 24 miesiące dla pracy buforowej | Brak gwarancji w przypadku pracy cyklicznej
Rated capacity: 72Ah