Qoltec Single phase electronic energy consumption meter | 230 V | LCD | 2P | DIN rail

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Total control of energy consumption

DIN The electronic energy meter allows the level of electricity consumption to be monitored by single-phase consumers supplied with 230V AC at a frequency of 50Hz.. The device has an LED which indicates energy consumption and an LCD display which indicates the value of consumed energy converted on the basis of the number of pulses with a 1600imp/kWh pulsing constant . An additional advantage of the product is its very easy operation and its small size will certainly make the installation of the device easier. The meter is designed for mounting on a DIN 35 rail.

Save on your bills today

DIN Qoltec brand electricity consumption meter can be used in domestic installations as well as in industrial plants. Product Features :
- Single-phase, two-wire, 2 modules,
- Unidirectional,
- Standard mounting of the device on 35mm DIN rail,
- Energy consumption measurement displayed in kWh,
- Has LCD 5+1 display, for monitoring measurements,
- Direct measurement is 5(60)A,
- Complies with IEC 62053-21 and DIN EN50022 standards,
- Easy to install, due to its small size,
- Accurate measurement, Class 1.0,
- Base current is 5A, maximum current is 60A,
- Works with renewable energy sources

Confidence confirmed by a warranty

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Producent: Qoltec
Wymiary (G/D x Sz x W): 66 x 35 x 83 mm
Głębokość / Długość opakowania [mm]: 40 mm
Szerokość opakowania [mm]: 92 mm
Wysokość opakowania [mm]: 72 mm
Waga netto [kg]: 0.109
Waga brutto [kg]: 0.122
Certyfikat: CE
Gwarancja: 24 miesiące
Informacje dodatkowe: Pomiar energii czynnej przez odbiorniki 1-fazowe Zgodny z normą DIN EN5002
Montaż: Szyna DIN TH35
Wyświetlacz: LCD 5+1
Typ: Jednofazowy
Dokładność: Klasa 1.0
Napięcie znamionowe: 230V
Prąd znamionowy: 5(60)A
Prąd rozruchowy: 0.4%Ib
Wydajność izolacji: AC napięcie 4kV przez 1minute, 1.2/50us przebieg napięcia impulsowego 6kV.
Częstotliwość: 50 Hz
Liczba biegunów: 2P