Qoltec Pure Sine Wave Inverter Monolith | 1000W | 2000W | 24V to 230V

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Pure sine wave inverter

antena Qoltec brand inverter is a pure sine wave , produces the same current as a 230V socket , ensuring safety for all connected devices . Great for both during power outages , as well as during travel when we do not have access to an outlet . When choosing a suitable inverter, it is worth paying attention to the power value and voltage of the battery, which must be consistent with that indicated on the inverter to ensure that our equipment has the right conditions for work. Also important is the number of connected devices, for example, connecting a laptop and a printer, the power of both devices should be added up. Remember that the power consumed by the connected device should not exceed 85% of the rated power of the inverter.

Compatible with any type of power supply

antena The product is ideal as a power source in campers or trailers during family trips. Are you planning a longer camping or lakeside vacation and looking for a way to plug in your laptop or charge your phone on the yacht ? It is worthwhile to be well prepared. With a Qoltec brand inverter, you will be able to power your devices anywhere and enjoy convenience and comfort. The voltage converter will be the ideal power source for yacht and boat owners. This smart device will allow you to power your equipment during long trips away from home, it has a USB port and power outlets to which you can plug electrical devices. Without any obstacles, you can charge your phone, laptop or plug in any other device whose power does not exceed the power of the inverter. antena
Depending on the power consumed by the device, the inverter can power :
RTV equipment : TV, game console, music equipment, radio,
Household appliances : refrigerator, fridge
Office equipment : computers, printers, laptops,
Other : power tools.

The inverter can also be used not only on the go, but also as an emergency power source, such as backing up the CO furnace or to power equipment as a UPS during a temporary power outage from the power grid.


Durable and lightweight housing

antena The case is designed from high quality aluminum that is resistant to shock and mechanical damage. It is an ideal choice for those who like to travel for long periods of time. Thanks to the inverter with built-in power socket, you can use almost any device that requires connection to the socket. The product has a USB port for charging mobile devices and a fan that takes care of proper cooling .

Full guarantee for safe use


The product is equipped with a number of protections that guarantee full protection for connected devices. In addition, the kit includes a spare fuse to ensure the longest possible operation of the equipment.
The converter has :
UVP protection - protects devices from too low voltage at the output, which affects the stability of connected devices,
SCP protection - is a short circuit protection,
OVP protection - is protection against too high output voltage and damage to connected devices,
OCP protection - is protection against too high current on the line,
OTP protection - is protection against overheating.

Confidence confirmed by a warranty

antena Do you care about the high quality of the product you buy? Our solutions will meet your expectations. The product comes with a 24-month warranty valid from the date of purchase.

Producent: Qoltec
Temperatura pracy: -10˚C ~ +50˚C
Temperatura przechowywania: -30˚C ~ +70˚C
Informacje dodatkowe: Nie zakrywaj otworów wentylacyjnych urządzenia Pamiętaj o prawidłowym podłączeniu przewodów i polaryzacji napięcia zasilającego ! Funkcja miękkiego startu
Wymiary (G/D x Sz x W): 135 x 290 x 75 mm
Zawartość zestawu: 1 x Przetwornica 4 x Bezpiecznik 1 x Zestaw przewodów 1 x Klucz do montażu przewodów 1 x Karta gwarancyjna 1 x Instrukcja obsługi
Głębokość / Długość opakowania [mm]: 180
Szerokość opakowania [mm]: 350
Wysokość opakowania [mm]: 90
Waga netto [kg]: 1.878
Waga brutto [kg]: 2.254
Certyfikat: CE
Materiał: Aluminium
Zastosowanie: Sprzęt kuchenny : lodówka, kuchenka mikrofalowa, blender, ekspres do kawy, czajnik, zamrażarka, piekarnik Sprzęt biurowy: laptop, komputer, drukarka Inne: elektronarzędzia, odkurzacz, suszarka, wentylator, TV, konsola do gier, radio, sprzęt muzyczny, pane
Zabezpieczenie przed odwrotną polaryzacją: Bezpiecznik
Moc znamionowa: 1000W
Moc całkowita (chwilowa): 2000W (5 sekund)
Napięcie wejściowe: 24V
Napięcie wyjściowe: 230V
Przebieg napięcia na wyjściu: Czysta fala sinusoidalna
Częstotliwość wyjściowa: 50Hz
Prąd jałowy: ≤0.3A
Sprawność: 91%
Chłodzenie: Wentylator
Porty USB: 5V/2A (QC 3.0 - 18W)
Zabezpieczenia: UVP/OVP/OCP/OTP/SCP
Gwarancja: 24 miesiące