Qoltec Solar tool kit compatible with MC4 connectors | Crimping tool + Six stall wire stripper

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Ideal for PV professionals and beginners

The practical solar tool storage case is sure to make it easier to carry your tools when assembling your solar installation and protect them from accidental and lost mechanical damage. All tools are compatible with MC4 connectors, allowing you to carry out all the work involved in assembling solar connectors and connecting wires to the photovoltaic installation. You will already be able to easily strip insulation from wires or cut cables and wires of different diameters.

Everything you need to connect your solar panels

Qoltec brand tools meet the highest standards of product quality and safety of use and the quality of the product influences the efficiency, accuracy and precision of the work performed. The tool set includes:
- MC4 connector crimper
- Six stall wire stripper
- Set of spanners for MC4 connectors
- Connectors type MC4
- Practical storage case

Crimping tool for MC4 connectors and 2,5-6,0mm² cables

The practical crimping tool will allow the efficient and safe crimping of male and female solar connectors of type MC4. The crimper operates on the ratchet principle, has an automatic locking device and three working sockets for wires of 2.5 mm², 4.0 mm² and 6.0 mm². The product is characterised by its robust construction made of high hardness steel and convenience of use.
Material: tool steel
Weight: 0.440kg
Dimentions: 210 x 70 x 20 mm

Six stall wire stripper


Six stall wire stripper from single or multi-conductor cables with a conductor cross-section of 18-10AWG and a diameter of 0.9-5.5mm². The product has special marked holes for stripping insulation and is equipped with wire cutters and a safety lock. Comfort is ensured by the ergonomic handle and the rebound spring, which is designed to relieve pressure on the hand and make the tool easier to use. The tool has a 'lock' to prevent accidental opening.
Material: tool steel
Weight: 0.147kg
Dimensions: 180 x 60 x 15 mm

MC4 solar connector - fast and safe connection of PV panels


Qoltec brand connectors are used to connect PV panels in photovoltaic installations, using suitable solar cables. The connectors guarantee a tight clamping of the cablerobust construction and high mechanical resistance, the connectors are sure to last for many years.
Material: PC + tin-plated copper
Weight: 0.010kg
Dimentions: 65 x 20 x 17 mm

Spanners for MC4 photovoltaic connectors

The set contains a set of 2 spanners for the quick assembly and disassembly of solar connectors, i.e. MC4 male and female connectors. The product is characterised by high mechanical resistance, strength and lightweight construction.
Material: Polipropylen
Weight: 0.025kg
Dimentions: 120 x 38 x 5 mm

Confidence confirmed by a warranty

Do you care about the high quality of the product you are buying? Our solutions will meet your expectations. The product comes with a 24-month guarantee valid from the date of purchase.

Głębokość / Długość opakowania [mm]: 150
Szerokość opakowania [mm]: 300
Wysokość opakowania [mm]: 60
Waga netto [kg]: 0.925
Waga brutto [kg]: 0.930
Certyfikat: CE
Producent: Qoltec
Gwarancja: 24 miesiące
Rodzaj: Zestaw narzędzi solarnych
Zawartość zestawu: 1 x Zaciskarka do konektorów MC4 2 x Konektory typu MC4 1 x Szczypce do ściągania izolacji 2 x Klucz do konektorów MC4 1 x Praktyczne etui do przechowywania narzędzi
Zastosowanie: Montaż instalacji fotowoltaicznych Zakładanie konektorów, podłączanie przewodów solarnych
Wymiary (G/D x Sz x W): 145 x 290 x 55 mm